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    Post by linhda2011 on Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:32 pm

    You will enjoy with the beautiful sight-seeings, get out of the noisy and crowded city life, see any green fields, farmers on working in countryside in Vietnam which you haven't seen before in your home.

    Detail Itinerary

    The first ever countryside tour

    If you go to Vietnam and donít visit the countryside, youíll miss half of your Vietnam trip. Riding through typical Vietnamese villageside that never saw tourists before, enjoying picturesque landscape, talking, staying with farmers in their house will help you a real impression of Vietnam landscape and Vietnamese people: beautiful emotional, simple and hospitable.
    Onbike Tour has 2 destinations at the province of different characters:
    Hatay tour brings you to a countryside which might be the last remaining Vietnamese village not affected by the world outside: bamboo scenes, hilly rice terrace, silent, melancholical life, simple, natural and hospitable local farmers. Hatay also has some of the most impressive pagodas in Vietnam.
    Bacninh Tour takes you to the weathiest province in North Vietnam. You will see there vivid field working scenes and meet with hardworking farmers. A ferry trip brings you to the riverside with great mulberry fields like nowhere else in Vietnam. Bacninh is home of Budhism, some of the oldest and largest pagodas are in the province.
    Two trips have similar schedule, the total distance to be covered on bike is between 16 km and 20 km. Pick 1 from 2.

    7:50 Leave Hanoi by car (3-9 persons), enjoy landscape and guide story on the way.
    8:30 Arrive at the village, greeting the host family and get bikes. Start to ride on bike with the our guide through picturesque scenes, stay at rice paddies, pagoda, village assembly hall, riverside etc,. You can make a stop on your request, talk with people, learn about their life, take pictures.
    11:30 A noon break at the host home, where you can relax and hang around in Vietnamese style.
    12:30 Start again to explore the countryside
    Several short stops for guide stories, riding through exciting countryside: river dike, mulberry fields, bamboo shaded roads, brick-fields, temple, war memorial etc., sightseeing, taking picture
    15:00 Visit a nation-famous pagoda.
    16:00 End of tour.
    17:00 Arrive in Hanoi

    PRICE: 30 USD/person

    Including: Transportation, English-speaking tour guide, entrance fee, lunch (rice cake eating with sesame, salt - roasted and crushed; bread; pork pie; banana and cucumber; noodle soup; water in big bottle)

    Excluding: Travel insurance, personal expenses and tips!

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