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    Vietnam my homeland - the dream of a peaceful country


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    Vietnam my homeland - the dream of a peaceful country Empty Vietnam my homeland - the dream of a peaceful country

    Post by Milanice on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:18 pm

    My friend come home to us watching the blue sea far, far horizon Play overflowing sea waves non-labor Throw wind wings reaching beyond the shores Sail out to sea waves in the red sun begins shining ...

    Vietnam home with me, Do Nhuan musicians as "a chosen people" in the meantime to send messages about their people to every person on earth. This is my fatherland, a country of beauty and natural gift always dreamed of peace.

    My friend go to our native land
    Watching the blue ocean horizon far, far
    Listen overflowing sea waves
    Non-labor soaring wind shores
    Reaching beyond the wing sail out to sea waves
    In the red sun begins shining ...

    It was the beginning of the song my hometown of Vietnam Do Nhuan musicians. He wrote this song for over forty years ago - with the pictures, the tone that many people before, including when I had doubts: the literary and artistic creation in general in those years country faced with death will not be peaceful and romantic to give him.

    However, when the song rang out, the country suddenly spread out simple, honest and peaceful to make us want to cry. Perhaps the people of Vietnam, a nation had to go through endless wars with many tears, how much blood flows and how many different glasses can dream about simple things to fire the heart: The bar average.

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