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    Watermelon contest


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    Watermelon contest Empty Watermelon contest

    Post by england90 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:42 pm

    Tho Tang Village, Vinh Tuong, Phu Tho, have to implement watermelon. Around the upper lunar week in March each year, any items the council meeting with the elders to decide on two children, called on to contract, usually March 25.

    Down from 5 am on the same, in open and in prison and a signal throughout the village. Listen progress signal, the new family farm two. If anyone will be charged before picking himself very seriously, if a farmer, a fine village, but if a thief, the village will be shackled in front yard strike. Done to make the two owners personally select fill old melon, to black out the village. Here, the jury will be assessed against the criteria: good variety, nice code, age, full, add more yellow to bright red sand. There are two waves of melon Examiner: phase one, choose the beautiful melon, melons old, plump, round two put on weight. Pineapples are classified into first class and second class.

    Melons are washed first class praying at home, called the melon is clearly spread to the villagers. The villagers believe that the coconut filling any selected praying, in addition to the honor, the whole year would have prospered.

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