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    Long Tower


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    Long Tower Empty Long Tower

    Post by england90 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:23 pm

    Long Tower is the first self-introduction and flourishing Buddhist culture in Japan. Undergo changes, ups and downs of history, the temple is still there, imposing, majestic and ancient buildings is the oldest wood in the world retain almost intact, is UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1993.

    The pagoda was built Shōtoku to pray for peace for Applied Minh (Yomei) Emperor. According to the inscriptions engraved on coronal Medicine Buddha statue in the temple Kim Road was completed in 607, but was virtually destroyed in 670 and was rebuilt with its current appearance from the late seventh century to the beginning of the Eighth century.

    Long legal order are: Aged and Aging Institute lam lam East West Institute. Western institutions as old as Kim center line - the main altar of the monastery with the predominant color is yellow and five low-lying surrounded by a corridor system. Eastern old hospital as the center of power is also Joinery is surrounded by a corridor system. Five low-lying roads and Kim West Institute of Aging as arranged symmetrically left and right. How such arrangements create a distinct architectural style known as "French Style Long Self."

    Long himself can speak French is a great museum with exhibits of Japanese heritage sites ranked national treasures. Kim Chi own way in the Old West as only hospital also has a lot of national treasures. That trio with Shakyamuni statue carvings forming very subtle halo, halo 3 big government to take all the glory with a margin of non-natural carvings known as "the first halo 3" for total weight of 236.5 kg.

    Phenomenon influenced by Northern Wei style shape, Chinese sculpture with emphasis on the front, occasionally slight smile, big nose, almond-shaped eyes, focus on decoration is expressed through the term y finely carved and coordinates government took security. Kim's long road to the east is the Medicine Buddha, the West has time to Amitabha Buddha. In the four corners of the Golden Men Meru road is the Kings of wood. At left and right sides of the triangle is the Sakya Sa Lisianthus God and meditation with monks dating from the time of Peace.

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