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    Email Templates to encourage Sign-up completion


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    Email Templates to encourage Sign-up completion Empty Email Templates to encourage Sign-up completion

    Post by (`.MaXer.) on Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:06 pm

    Hello Friend's,

    I hope you are doing well and are excited as I am about
    the great future we can build together promoting 3in7.
    Thanks a million Stan! I don't know how you do it, but
    you are tops in my book!

    I got an email yesterday from a member of my downline
    wondering if I knew of a template to welcome new members
    and it got me to thinking about the people who signed up
    to GDI through my 3in7 link, but failed to return to 3in7
    to complete the process.

    So I composed an email template to help myself and fellow
    members reach out to those who may not have finished the
    3in7 registration process.

    If you are using 3in7 solely to build your downline, just
    take advantage of the emails you get from WS Affiliates
    notifying you of new member's who've signed up.

    Take note of their names and who referred them. Then change
    the following template with your own information and the
    information of the new member and the referrer's information.

    If you are not getting these emails you should check with
    your email provider and make sure they are not getting
    blocked. Also, if you are using some sort of Spam blocking
    utility you'll want to whitelist emails coming from
    Ws Affiliates and

    Last but not least, you'll want to login into your GDI
    account, and look on the left column for a link that say's
    "Contact Preferrences", click on it and make sure everthing
    is checked in the "Manage Mailings" section.

    Feel free to edit the email template and use it to send to
    new GDI members reminding them of the benefits of joining
    3in7. Doing so will inform them and help all of us build our
    downlines quicker.

    All you have to do is copy and paste the following email
    into notepad or some similar text editor, make the
    recommended changes, and email it to the new
    members in your GDI downline.

    (Begin Follow-up Email Below)


    My name is (YOUR NAME), I'm in your upline
    at GDI. I just wanted to welcome you and make
    sure you understand that we want to build your
    downline for you at 3in7 but you need to return
    and enter your GDI username to take advantage
    of 3in7's downline service.

    Once you see other members being signed up
    under you, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

    You were referred by (REFERRER'S FULL NAME) whose GDI
    username is (REFERRER'S USERNAME)

    Be sure and sign up through (REFERRER'S FIRST NAME) link:'S USERNAME - NOT YOUR OWN)

    I've been a member of 3in7 and GDI since (DATE YOU JOINED)
    and have had (# OF MEMBERS IN YOUR DOWNLINE) members placed in my GDI downline by 3in7's service.'S USERNAME - NOT YOUR OWN)

    If their is anyway I can be of help to you, or if you
    have any questions regarding 3in7 or GDI, please
    contact me. All you have to do is reply to this
    email, or through your upline link in your GDI
    member's back office.

    Thanks again,
    GDI Username: (YOUR USERNAME)
    (YOUR PHONE #)

    P.S.- Just in case you've already gone through the process
    above and nothing happened. You need to check the
    email you used when you signed up and look for the
    confirmation email sent from Once you find
    it just click on the confirmation link. And that
    should do it.


    That's it! I hope it works for you. If you want to use it,
    or if you can improve it, have at it. If you have a template
    you're already using, by all means, post it in this thread
    and let others use it as well. I think the more we can help
    each other the better we all will do.

    To Your 3in7 Success!

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    Number of posts : 67
    Registration date : 2007-07-10

    Email Templates to encourage Sign-up completion Empty Re: Email Templates to encourage Sign-up completion

    Post by (`.MaXer.) on Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:07 pm

    Hello name,

    My name is Maxer, and I am one of your up line members in GDI and 3in7. I just wanted to send you an email to say hello, and welcome you to GDI! So Welcome to GDI! I am really excited for you, as I believe you have joined one of the greatest opportunities on the face of the planet. Now I am not saying that because I have been successful with the company, but rather I am saying it because I firmly, without question, believe it is an awesome opportunity that is wide open.

    Did you know that right now there are somewhere between 90 million and 150 million people online? Those are fairly big numbers I agree. But stop and think about a few things. GDI only has around 600,000 (six hundred thousand) members. That seems high as well doesn't it? But now take the 600,000 and set it below the 150 million like this:


    You see how small the 600,000 is?

    Still not impressed? No big deal because I am about to help you understand what sort of opportunity you have gotten into! Are you familiar with the company with the name: Linksys? Linksys is heavily involved with the Internet. They are a company that makes routers for anyone from an individual person, to corporate companies. They are constantly doing research and development, trying to stay ahead of the competition. With their most recent studies, they have come to the conclusion that EVERY computer on the face of the planet will have it's "own" domain name, and majority of them will have "several" domain names. Right now it is not for certain exactly how many computers exist, but the current studies are pointing to somewhere around 290 million computers. Also in this research they set out to figure out how many people would be online over the next 10 years. The conclusion was that it will be somewhere between 3 and 6 BILLION people online by 2015.

    Now stop and look at the numbers. There are currently around 600,000 people in GDI. There are currently around 150 million people online, and by 2012 it is predicted to be around 3 to 6 million. So lets set this up so we can view it. We will use the middle number of 4 billion for the 3 to 6 billion ... Just so we can get an idea.

    4,000,000,000 **people expected to be online (and also have a domain....every computer will have a domain at some point according to the latest research by Linksys)
    150,000,000 ** current number of people online (eventually they also will have a domain of some type)
    600,000 ** members in GDI

    Now do you see how much room for growth, and how GROUND FLOOR GDI is? If not that's ok, lets keep learning.

    GDI is a "global" domain name registry. It is the ONLY company on the planet that is global when it comes to domains. Get this straight! ALL of the different companies that sale domain names, can only sale the domain names for "their" country. Now stop and think about this. If you live in the United states, and you want to sale domain names you can ONLY sale .com(USA version), .biz(USA version), .org(USA version), .edu(USA version) .us(USA version)....and so forth...ONLY the USA version. If you live in the UK (United Kingdom), you can only sale web sites with the .UK version.

    The point is, you can only sale what belongs to your country. EVERY single country in the world was given their OWN .whatever...and that is ALL that they are aloud to sale. What does this mean? It means that at some point, EVERY name is used up, and the "countries have no more domains to sale.....but wait! Linkysys is predicting every computer in the world will have a domain name. How can that be if there is not enough names? Simple....welcome to "Global" Domains International...the ONE and ONLY company that is aloud to sale globally!

    This is why GDI uses the motto: "You Internet address for life". Everyone will have there very own .ws web site. And you thought you missed out on the DOT BOOM! Besides that, if you "quit" GDI, YOU still keep your address for life! For free? No, you can't access it if you quit, but it remains yours FOREVER....tell the day you die....yours for life, wether you stay with the company or not. What? So if I quit I still have to pay for the domain? No it simply remains yours, but no one can access it, and if later down the road you want to access it, you go back and "reactivate" it's yours for life...that simple.

    This is on a "global" scale. This means everyone on the face of the planet will eventually have one! And your at the ground floor, so welcome to GDI! How exciting it is to have you aboard our team!

    I hope that will help you to grab the vision that GDI has.

    There is more that I add like my name and how to contact me and so forth, but I send this EVERY member that signs up. I want them to contact me..and to keep in touch with me and let me know if there is anything I can do for them.

    If these forums would allow more words I would have posted the rest. However this gives you an idea of what I send out to all of them

    hope this helps the rest of you.

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